Questions: What is the best hosiery to pair with my Halloween Costume?

We were recently emailed asking "What is the best hosiery to pair with my Halloween Costume?"

I took this questions because today is October 4th, so we have 27 days left before Halloween, or 3 weekends however you want to look at it ;)  The most popular item to wear on your legs for Halloween is by far fishnets.  Here is my list as to why fishnets should be your go to this Halloween.

fishnet stay-up thigh highs
1- Durable-  Unlike anything sheer, fishnets are durable.  So while you are running around with your kids, bar to bar or whatever you fancy these will hold up to any occasion.  They are hard to snag and even if you do no one will notice.  Take it from my if your looking for something practical these are by far the best option.

2- Inexpensive- You can find fishnet pantyhose for as little as $10 they are super inexpensive compaired to other legwear options.  Stay-up thigh highs and stockings might cost you more but will be super comfortable if you prefer not to have things around your waist.

3- Colorful- Ah colors, who doesn't love to pick from a wide variety.  When you are designing your Halloween costume you are probably keeping to a color theme.  Black, purple, orange, red...etc.  It's so nice to be able to accentuate your costume with some matching legwear.  It can be hard to find certain colors in tights or the color shade may not match.  With fishnets even if the shade is off a bit it will look fine seeing the fabric is spaced out.

4- Style- There are so many fishnet options.  Wide fishnets, fishnet pantyhose, thigh highs, stockings, sparkles and so on.  They are really fun to wear during Hallween.

Here are the fishnet options we offer at to pair with your Halloween costume!  Click the links to view the products ;)

Fishnet Pantyhose-
Roseanna Seamless Fishnet Pantyhose $14.50
Shayna Little Fishnet Pantyhose $19.50

Thigh Highs-
Melisanda Fishnet Stay-up Thigh Highs $22.50
Crystal Wide Fishnet Stay-up Thigh Highs $22.50

Tara Fishnet Stockings 22.50