Question: What are your most popular stockings & thigh highs?

Question for today was "What are your most popular stockings & thigh highs?"

To me is a 2 part question because some customers love our 100% nylon products while other prefer a Nylon/Lycra blend product.  Whats the difference, 100% nylon tends to run longer and does not stretch.  Nylon/Lycra blends run shorter and will stretch ;)

For all you 100% nylon lovers here are our top two 100% nylon products!

These have the ultra sheer crisp feel our customers crave.  They are soft and have a very slight silicone wash to give them just a hint silkiness.  We have carried this exact product for the past 15 years and its a staple item.  It comes in so basic colors such as black, beige, french coffee, grey, & white.  It also comes in fashion colors which get changed year round such as purple, blue, pink, green, yellow, peach and so many more!  These also go from size Small-3XL so they are great for our taller customers.  Made in Europe.  

****currently out of stock****
Although these are not available right now these are our best selling 100% nylon stay-up thigh highs. They have a reinforced heel and toe with a lace top.  The lace top features 2 silicone bands on the inside to keep these up all day and night.  Once our factory in Europe reopens you can bet we will restock these ASAP!!

For everyone who loves the Nylon/Lycra blend products here are these top 2!

Our Jenna stockings are like no other, they are soft and have just the right amount of stretch.  These are so versitile that if you typically wear a size medium you can also opt for a small or large if you want a shorter or longer fit.  They are so amazing we added Ultimate in the product name.  If you are new to stockings I would highly suggest these to start, they are also the best f you are buying them as a gift!  Invisible reinforced heel helps keep these from running while giving you the option to pair with open toe shoes.  Available in 4 colors- Black, Beige, Navy and White!  Made in Italy.

Capri thigh highs have a satin stay-up top that honestly will stay in place.  The two silicone bands found on the inside will keep these from budging, so you don't have to worry about them falling down at all.  These are so sheer and silky you won't even notice you are wearing hosiery.  They add just a hint of color to your leg.  Capir thigh highs come in Black, Dark Grey, Beige & Light Beige.  These are also so easy to size so they make a great gift, if you are inbetween or unsure go up one size!  Made in Italy. 

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