Question: What does denier mean?

Good afternoon everyone! 

 Here is a questions we just received

"What is the difference between your 15 denier stockings and your 50 denier stockings."? 

 The short answer to this questions is the higher the denier the thicker the product, the lower the denier the sheerer.  

So how do you know what denier you want?  
This is really just a personal preference, some customers are searching for sheer hosiery to wear in the warmer months and opt for a lower denier- 8, 10, 15 even 20. During the colder months customers typically are looking for higher denier products to keep warm, these would be 50, 100, 150+.

Our sheerest hosiery we offer is 7-8 denier and it is available in Christina sheer to waist pantyhose and Capri stay-up thigh highs

The thickest hosiery we offer is our Jennifer Merino wool tights in 100 denier.

Hope that helps!  Remember email us any questions you have and they will be answered right here anonymously. 😉