Question: I am a curvy women, what hosiery size should I purchase?

Great questions!  We get this one a bunch.
Here are some tips and products we recommend for women who are in this range; 5'0"-5'5" and 160-215 pounds.

  #1- Avoid 100% Nylon:These types of stockings/thigh highs do not stretch and will most likely be either too tight or too baggy.  Most 100% nylon stockings size charts will put your height into a size small or medium while your weight will be in the xlarge or 2xl making it very confusing.  Save your wallet and opt for items that have a Nylon/Lycra blend.  These types of hosiery will stretch and are more forgiving so if you choose a size medium or large both will most likely fit.

#2- Curvy, Plus or Queen: Most suppliers create products that come in sizes catered to fit better.  Look for words like curvy, plus or queen.

#3- Ask for help: Companies are here for YOU, so ask for help.  We always appreciate someone taking the time to call or email us with a questions prior to purchasing.  If you are unsure of a size or color send us an email and we will gladly steer you in the right direction.

Here are some products that we recommend for our fabulous cuvry customers.

B1361-Genevieve Wide French Lace Top Nylon Stockings
B150-Kimberly Ultra Sheer Stretch Sandalfoot Stockings

Thigh Highs
BRM81-Jezebel Wide Lace Top Stretch Leg Thigh Highs
SCTH101-Emily Colorful Back Seam Black Lace Top Thigh Highs

Those are our top 4 products but there are many more on our website, if you are also looking for something specific shoot us an email us we are happy to help!

Have a questions you want answered- email us, your questions just may appear on our next blog post!

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