Seamed Stockings in Peach Pink know you want them

and for good reason! Our exclusive Peach Pink Cuban heel seamed stockings were just introduced last week. Marissa stockings encompass all the excellent stocking-amazingness (not a word, yes I know) you would expect from luxury vintage style stockings. High Cuban Heel, the fully fashioning marks around the seam, sexy keyhole back. Hand seamed (of course, a seamed stocking aficionado would have it no other way). Stockings are non-stretch, 15 denier, transparent, which will provide a a thin veil of peach pink color on your legs, accented with an amazing back seam and a Cuban Heel. Sublime.

Now we must mention the silky feel of this true vintage style nylon stocking. This color is limited, we are making it just once, so you will want to get a pair right quick. Sadly when they're gone, they're gone forever. Valentines is almost here, I'm fairly sure you could entice your loved one with a peach pink pair (or two)!


My silver Marissa's were such a hit on NYE, I think the peach will be perfect for Valentines.

I have never felt a nylon with such a silk feeling. Not a silky feeling.

A silk feeling. The real thing.

Look for some more loving words over on GP soon!