New Victoria Velvet Top Stockings

New! Velvet Touch Custom Top Stockings. Previously unavailable in this color, black custom stockings are finally here! Put your name or loved one's name in soft velvet on the stockings of your choice. Stocking tops are personalized with soft touchable scarlet red velvet writing for a slightly two dimensional quality in a vintage style script with the name of your choice. If you are a retro vintage stocking enthusiast you will remember the velvet design appliques of the 1940's and 1950's. These stockings have the same vintage touch. Valerie stockings are available in sheer or opaque styles. Both stocking styles are 100% Nylon. Ultra sheer version is has a sandal foot toe with a beautiful silky sheen. If desired RHT stockings are available as well. Valerie stockings require garter belts to stay up properly.

Black color is available in sheer 15 denier with scarlet red velvet touch writing, or black opaque 50 denier stockings with scarlet red vintage style script.