Customize your own stockings, now with hearts on the stocking top

Brand new stockings! Have you always wanted to have your name or the name of a loved one on stockings? Here is your chance, click here to read more about our Brenda style custom stockings

Personalize stockings with your unique style! Customize stockings for yourself or a special friend in calligraphy for a lasting impression. Beautiful ultra sheer stockings, 15 denier, 100% Nylon. These are soft and silky nude sandalfoot stockings but if you are a traditional vintage style stocking lover these are available in reinforced heel and toes.

We sent a pair of these stockings to a regular customer of ours and here is her review! Thanks Jen for writing your very informative comments:

The stockings are fantastic! The name/heart combination is really great--super retro looking and an awesome combination of retro (rockabilly/burlesque) and sexy-- I mean, not that you need a whole lot of reason to want to see a welt under a skirt, but here's another one, right? The stockings themselves are beautifully made, and mimic exactly the feel and fit of the pairs of 1962 vintage French silks I have. they feel durable, and therefore less likely to run. Also, they have a toe seam. Hot and practical. my favorite. Once again, y'all have created a flawless stocking that excellently reproduces vintage hosiery. Lovely job!

- Jen, San Francisco California

Model is also wearing our black and red satin leg garter which is a unique way to hold up your stockings without a traditional garter belt. Leg garter can be found by clicking here