Belated Fashion Week Contest! 15% off your entire order

Guess which designers in NYC fashion week featured our wool tights and glittery pantyhose in the fashion shows a couple of weeks ago. If you guess one of the three shows correctly, receive 15% off your entire order March 3 only. Just contact us at with the correct answer and the discount will be automatically applied! Good Luck!

Holly organic cotton tights from Italy (shown above) can be found here. They are warm, luxurious, super soft, and currently on winter sale for a limited time. I love the textured alternating flowers and vertical stripes, they look absolutely amazing on your legs.

Today was ridiculously cold outside (a supremely chilly 15 degrees when I left for work) and I was loving how toasty warm they were.


i like alot <3 <3 <3 <3