70th Anniversary for Nylon Stockings!

We're a few days late writing about this, but May 15th marks the 70th Anniversary for the introduction of Nylon stockings. Happy Anniversary! Nylon stockings were introduced for purchase in 1940, and nylon material was first seen by the world at the 1939 World's Fair along with the television set. Nylon material was first shown at the fair marketed as "strong as steel, fine as a spider's web" and was initially used for fishing line and tooth brush bristles. Luckily for us, it was later transformed into garter Nylon stockings and this hosiery was introduced for purchase in Gimbel's Department store on May 15th 1940. Clearly a huge success with women, millions of pairs were sold at $1.35 each, an incredible 64 million pairs of nylon stockings the first year! Before this invention, women wore pure silk stockings. 100% silk stockings are now fairly rare, but we do have them, to see and experience what pure silk hosiery is like, click here. We also have silk thigh highs which stay up on their own with a beautiful wide lace at the top.

While the original stockings were seamed (otherwise known as fully fashioned), later circular knit (non-seamed) stockings were introduced. We are happy to have authentic vintage reproductions of the original seamed stockings, 100% Nylon, knit meticulously on the exact same machines as the 1940's machines and a 100% nylon ultra sheer stocking, also made on the original machines. If you haven't experienced the transparency and beauty of stockings from this era its a true luxury.

Click here to see our authentic hosiery reproductions of 1940's vintage seamed stockings, and here for the original ultra sheer nylon stockings without seams.