Retro Style Sheer Stockings, vintage styles updated and recreated!

As of late I have been focusing on cold weather leg wear and our new hosiery creations. I love these dearly of course, but the original focus of our company was vintage stockings.

Quite some years ago I purchased droves of original ultra sheer stockings. They were packaged in graphically stunning three pair boxes with sweet pastel colored tissue that lovingly encased the stockings. Trust me, if you haven't seen vintage hosiery from the 1940's and 50's, they were amazing. The stocking were meticulous, perfectly sheer, delicate, stunning and the packaging fabulous. I personally owned thousands of unique boxes in my stocking library. I was quite the collector of vintage hosiery, bordering on obsessive some might say. I finally stopped buying copious amounts of vintage stockings when it became obvious that my collection was overtaking my former super tiny 300 square foot NYC apartment. I had acquired so many boxes of stockings that I was beginning to store them in the oven as a last resort. This was not only a significant fire hazard, but any type of cooking was pretty much out of the question as well.

About eleven years ago I went around the world with my collection of vintage treasures and created perfect European reproductions of certain styles that I thought truly deserved to be revived. All of the original US factories no longer exist or are willing to make these labor intensive styles. Every year I change the colors but the idea and the quality remains the same.

Now in fashion magazines around the world you see the results of our efforts. Vintage stockings are everywhere, but we are making them with the same authentic methods, no manufacturing corners cut, we were one of the first to start the trend.

Today we received a new color stocking from Europe that is an authentic vintage style RHT stockings (reinforced heels and toes) with a blue welt with a sheer nude leg. Click here for details. It is not seamed but we do have a seamed version. It is just as sheer having no Lycra, needs a garter belt, a perfect reproduction. We also received another shipment of our previously sold out yellow/grey RHT stocking version.

So take a look at some of the vintage stockings we have re-created from my personal collection. Click here to see the whole category of stockings.

If you see vintage style stockings you covet from the pictures, click on the images above to find them!


Nothing sexier than vintage stockings! Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!