Wool Tights are back! New Thigh Highs and Tights at StockinGirl

Say yes to warm tights and no to freezing legs this winter! Finally our incredibly soft wool tights are in stock and available in new colors. Just in time because the cooler weather is arriving. We've been accepting lots of pre-orders for them but all colors have just arrived. Available in Black, Grey and Chocolate Brown as always, but now we have Navy Blue and Winter White wool tights for fall! Year after year these are constantly our bestselling fall and winter tights featured in dozens of fashion magazines over the years. You can see our press pages here, and there are lots of interesting suggestions for wearing legwear on this page as well. Classic, warm as a sweater, ultra soft and fashionable, you will have these wool tights for years as a cold weather fashion staple. Our wool tights can be machine washed, and they won't pill (don't put them in the dryer, please, just lay flat to dry). Try them as cable knit tights, plain knit without a texture or ribbed tights.

Also, we've added two new thigh highs to the StockinGirl hosiery collection. A plain but sexy opaque thigh high with a wide ribbon top, which means that they will be really comfortable, stay up well, and not have that unattractive "pillowing" effect that less well made thigh highs can have when the silicone is too tight on the top of your leg. They are made in Europe with beautiful rich matte opaque appearance. Click here to see our new opaque thigh highs. Click here to see our entire thigh high collection!

Now for a little vixen in your legwear, after all, we like to try new hosiery fashions right? Lauren, our new fishnet thigh highs have a much more creative twist to traditional fishnets. Also made in Europe, with a comfortable silicone top under a pretty satin ribbon to hold them up nice and tight without a garter belt (not that we have anything against garter belts). Take a look at our Lauren fishnet thigh highs by clicking here.


Anonymous said…
LOVE that first pair of thigh highs! Tights are great for chilly fall days in Chicago!