StockinGirl Tights on Rihanna! Fishnets and Printed Hosiery in Vogue

We've heard from friendly sources abroad that we have multiple pages of editorial in the September Fall Fashion issue of Vogue Italy! I love their fall fashion issue, it's positively telephone book sized and is filled to the brim with the most beautiful images. The famous Steven Klein was the fashion photographer, Rihanna was the model, and his images are always amazing. So far we've only seen the cover with Rihanna, as the magazine hasn't made it's way across the Atlantic yet, but we will be sure to post the pics when we get them. We've heard rumors that she is wearing our fishnets, stockings, thigh highs and tights.


ænux said…
If you want to see more pages from the spread check out:
Thanks for the pictures, she looks great!