Stay warm and fashionable this winter, new colors in our warm cotton tights

So being from the Northeast, staying warm is pretty important to us as we sometimes feel that summer lasts for about a week and a half. That is a slight weather exaggeration, but not so much!

If you haven't tried our Diana cotton tights, which are new this fall, you definitely should! Super warm, not overly thick, and unbelievable quality. But if that isn't enough, let your fashion sense guide you as we have brand new colors available, forest green, a really pretty darker green, winter white and navy blue. That is in addition to our basic colors of midnight black, charcoal grey and espresso brown. Diana cotton tights are a unique combination of cotton yarn, bamboo yarn (don't let that scare you, bamboo is the new fiber everyone is using in everything from luxury sheets to clothing because it is eco-friendly, and it dyes extremely well with beautiful intense color, and it is ultra soft) It truly feels like the softest cotton tights you have ever experienced. Ultra rich in color, toasty warm and they will last for many years with the proper care. Click here for cotton tights info.