Leggings aren't Dead. Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 Show is proof!

So all I've been reading about lately is Marc Jacobs wonderful runway show. I have to admit it was pretty amazing. I love that he is using sheer legwear creatively and especially in a Spring/Summer show where most designers don't traditionally use legwear. The New York Times slideshow sums it up perfectly. Click here to see what the hype is about. Sheer long leggings scrunched up are a great look for spring! Click here to see our sheer nylon leggings, as we have a similar designer hosiery look. We have beautiful ultra sheer colored leggings which can be scrunched at the bottom for a fabulous Spring fashion legwear statement.

Okay, so perhaps those of us that live in the Scandinavian-esque (this is definitely not a real word) climate of the North, thinking about January zero +/- degree weather are having a hard time envisioning Spring of next year might want to focus on the reality of our impending fashion choices. But we have options. Ankle length opaque leggings are still great for fall, and of course, opaque tights, whether it is our Vanessa cable knit wool tights, microfiber or organic bamboo cotton tights. We have a wonderful selection of fall and winter hosiery available now.

If you are looking for a sexier appearance, our beautiful new Felicia opaque thigh highs will perform the task with elegance. They will keep your legs warm in the winter, but will stay up on their own without a garter belt!