Dotted Pantyhose, back in style, on the Runway for Fall 09

Glamour steps into spotlight for fall - Washington Times

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I remember wearing dotted pantyhose years ago. Wore them to work, out in the evening, loved them. I think I had about a dozen pairs in every color of the rainbow. Actually I remember a pair that was a watermelon-ish color....maybe that wasn't such a good idea fashion wise.....but I digress. We're thrilled they made a roaring return to the world of fashion. This is just further evidence that everything does come back in style. Dotted tights are on the fashion runways again, as seen on the fall 2009 Balenciaga runway show and in London Fashion Week. They were using ultra sheer black pantyhose with small swiss dots and it looked terrific! Also, the Washington Times and the London Times recently published articles about what's hot for fall fashions in legwear. Click on the informative link above to read about hosiery trends. Today we introduced our Clara Swiss dot tights, and they are available in lots of fun colors!

If you want a creative twist on sheer patterned tights, try our new Samantha dotted pantyhose. Click here for details.


Anonymous said…
Those are to die for! I need a pair right now!
Treacle said…
I've been thinking about picking up a pair of dotted pantyhose myself.
Anonymous said…
Great hosiery blog. I love dots. Just purchased my first pair today. Thanks for the info