Thick cashmere touch cotton tights in new fashion colors

Okay, so I posted about our Diana cotton/bamboo tights yesterday. But, and this is very last minute, we had such a great response to this product, we decided to make bright colors for fall as well, they will be in stock next week, but you can order them now. We had originally photographed our cotton/bamboo tights in red, but decided to keep it conservative and basic for this fall and did not introduce the bright colors we originally photographed. Now, due to demand for bright colors, we are going all out and making the original colors.

These cotton tights appear to be a medium weight cashmere/wool blend on the legs, .....the reality is that they are an Italian brushed cotton and bamboo blend, completely opaque, semi-fuzzy (is that a term?), ultra soft, ridiculously beautiful quality. They are eco-friendly cotton tights and they will last a very long time as you would expect from such a product (as long as you take care of them, no dryer on high heat).

You probably have not tried cotton tights with bamboo, but you should.

Now available in our cotton tights in bright colors. Click here for cotton tights in bright colors such as scarlet red, royal blue, forest green, navy blue. Click here for the same luxurious cotton tights but in more basic colors, black, espresso brown, charcoal grey, winter white (off white).