London Fashion Week Fall 2009

London Fashion Week is following in several of the trends we saw in New York last week. Later today or early tomorrow I'll start showing examples, but I want to take this space to talk a little about the trends we're seeing.

Knee socks
, a hot trend for Spring '08 are showing up in the Fall '09 lines as well.

Sheer pantyhose, an elegant standard, are a lot more visible than they were last year.

Tights with shorts, something that has been an off and on trend for a couple years now, is really making a showing on the runways for Fall. We've also see pantyhose with shorts.

Bright, primary colors - we've seen a lot of yellow, blue and red in clothes and legwear.

To balance out the always hot trend of black tights - we're also seeing a lot of white tights.

A lot of sparkle is also shining across the runways in the form of glitter, metallics and sequins.

what of these are your favorites? tell us what you are wearing now and what you'll be wearing next Fall in the comments.