LegWear Party - Seen on The F-Word Blog

I recently discovered that we were linked to via The F-Word (F as in Fashion) and while searching that blog, I found something pretty cool. The writer of the blog themed her Wine and Cheese party as a LegWear Party (see post here) as well - all kinds of legwear were worn (with the exception of leggings) and it looks like they had a lot of fun dressing up!

A great fun idea, this can be modified to suit your own personal tastes. Maybe you don't have a wine and cheese parties but you do have a poker night, or a book club night.

Use the comments to talk about the concept of a legwear party and how you would pull it off -and what you would wear!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link love =)

The stockings party I had was definitely a huge success and TONS of fun.

Totally recommend it for a girls night!