The Fancier Side of Layering

For the most part, when I talk about layering on this blog I'm referring to layering for warmth and I usually include leg warmers, over the knee socks or something else similarly warm. Today I want to talk about Fancy Layering.

Fancy layering does not necessarily equal warmth - but is still pretty fabulous. A great example is taking brightly colored tights and layering them with openwork leg wear - which can be anything from another pair of tights to sheer stockings or textured thigh highs. For reference, see these StockinGirl press photos :

Spoon Magazine, March 2006:

Surface Magazine, April 2007:

To start you off, here's a list of pieces that would be great to work with - and don't be limited to bright tights and black openwork - mix it up with brightly colored fishnets over black if you're feeling more adventurous!

Colored Tights

Black Tights

Sheer Stockings in various colors
(great for making new colors, see the bottom of this post for an example.)

Fishnet Pantyhose

Fishnet Thigh Highs

Lace Thigh Highs

more lace thigh highs

Gold Embroidered Thigh Highs

Fleur-de-Lis Pantyhose


Also, check out this page at the blog HYSTERIC girl - she has some great styles as well.

p.s. Adorable puppies, and some nice tights - over at The Clothes Horse.