Promo: Bamboo Tights

Black tights are an essential to any wardrobe - so why not our new Bamboo tights, available in black or gray? These tights are as soft as cashmere and very eco-friendly. Made of 52% Bamboo Cotton, 44% Microfiber and 4% Lycra for stretch, these tights will fit snugly and warmly on your legs and keep you fashionably warm this winter.

From the GREENCOTTON blog:

"From an apparel point of view, bamboo has additional advantages. Bamboo is twice as absorptive as cotton and can wick moisture and odor away from one’s body at twice the rate of conventional cotton. Depending on how it is manufactured, bamboo can be effectively used in a variety of products.

Furthermore, bamboo fibers produce some of the softest, most compelling fabrics today, not unlike cashmere or silk. In fact, ‘ecoKashmere’ coined by jonano and derived from bamboo is highly akin to cashmere or silk. Bamboo literally is the ecocashmere."

Read more about Bamboo here.


Anonymous said…
adorable tights!