Lingerie Lesson: Holding Up Your Stockings

Thigh Highs have silicone bands in the top to hold them up without help - but stockings do not and require garter straps of some kind. Whether you prefer the look of a garter belt and stockings, or have trouble keeping thigh highs up and are trying something different - we have some suggestions on holding your stockings up with style.

How do you hold your stockings up? The most traditional way is a garter belt or a bustier with garter straps... but every day there are more and more ways to hold your stockings up. Here's a list of suggestions and we'd love to hear your favorites and why in the comments!

Garter Belts come in a variety of styles. There are pull ons, garters that attach with hook and eye closures at the back, 4 strap, 6 strap or 8 strap garter belts and even panties with garter straps attached.

Similar, but generally taller and/or longer - garter skirts are also open at the bottom but generally cover more of your leg for a more retro look.

Bustiers, or corsets, often come with removeable garter straps so that you can wear them with stockings or thigh highs that stay up on their own.

Also with removeable garter straps are garter panties. Usually full panties and not thongs, these give you one less layer of lingerie if you'd prefer to not deal with a garter belt but would like to wear stockings.

Our newest product that holds up your stockings are leg suspenders. Leg Suspenders look like old fashioned sock garters - adjustable straps that come in two pieces and wrap around your thighs to hold up your stockings.

Which is your favorite and why?


Anonymous said…
I like garter panties and garter skirts most myself. Garter skirts can be a bit much at times, though - the feel of wearing 2 skirts is a bit odd! I feel sleeker in garter panties but garter skirts probably look a tad sexier.