On the Street Leg Wear

Sorry for the delay between new posts everyone! Here are a few great leg wear photos from Face Hunter, and just three days left to vote in our poll!

Layering tights and socks adds a unique something to your look. Mixing solids and prints can be fun too. I've been known to layer printed knee socks with StockinGirl's Ophelia footless socks for a nifty unique look.

I love how she added a touch of color with semi-sheer tights or leggings to an otherwise plain outfit. A turquoise necklace or scarf might have added just a little more balance.

a perfect example right here - found on Just Glitter Lust, I love the combination of leopard print tights with the leopard print scarf. The mixing of leopard print with stripes is also pretty cool in this case, although I don't always like mixing prints/patterns.