Nylons in Summer - Yes or No?

I found an interesting debate in the Wall Street Journal's Style section (via Coutorture) concerning wearing pantyhose to work. The article discusses a mid-western credit union where female employees are required to wear hose to work (even with pants) and the changes that younger employees are trying to make with this rule.

The Coutorture article speaks more to wearing nylons despite these hot summer months, as well as their renewed interest in shimmery nylons.

Our advice is to be comfortable. I've found that stockings or pantyhose made of 100% nylon are not very breathable and can be torture to wear in the summer heat. If you feel more work appropriate in pantyhose, or just like the look of nylons, we suggest trying stretch stockings, thigh highs or pantyhose made with nylon and lycra. Feel sexy and comfortable despite the heat with breathable hosiery and save the 100% Nylons for Fall and Winter.

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Anonymous said…
I think women look so sexy in pantyhose. I think they should wear them in and out of work.