Question RE: Shoes to Wear with Tights/Shorts combination

An email we received over the weekend asks: "What shoes would one wear with short shorts and tights?"

Ultimately, I think this all comes down to personal preference as well as the time of year and how dressed up you want to be. Any shoes that you would wear with a skirt/dress and tights would work with shorts as well. I, personally, would prefer boots or chunky shoes/heels (especially with thick tights, or heavily opaque ones) because thinner heels or open-toe shoes might look out of place with so much layering going on. However, as you can see above there are circumstances where open toed shoes can work. Particularly if you are wearing sheer pantyhose or solid opaque tights.

My suggestion is to take a look at color, pattern and the look you are going for and see what works best for you. Thin heeled boots or heels of any kind will make the look more dressed up. Flats or docs would dress it down to a more casual level.

Get more ideas with a quick flickr search like this one, or gain inspiration like the photo above, which we found over at Face Hunter.

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