Poll Results: Advice for the Blog

Thanks to everyone who voted on our last poll, we really appreciate the feedback so that we can make this blog even better.

We asked what you would like to see more of in this blog and here's how you responded:

Fashion Shows: --------------------- 2%
Leg Wear Advice: ------------------ 41%
Celebrities in Leg Wear: ----------- 28%
StockinGirl News and Promos: ----- 7%
Leg Wear in Tv/Movies/Magazines: 20%

We'll do our best to put more leg wear advice and media related leg wear photos in the blog for you!


Our next poll is a bit sexier - with all the choices available to women now, we want to know what kind of hosiery you prefer. Prefer pantyhose but wear stockings for special occasions? Leave those details in the comments by telling us why you chose what you chose!