Retro Stockings/Lingerie in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Over the weekend I went to see the new movie Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. An adorable and well done film - Miss Pettigrew takes place in the late 30's and features some fantastic costuming - in both outer and undergarments.

In one scene, the fashion forward Delysia (Amy Adams) takes her new social secretary, Guinevere (Frances McDormand), to a lingerie fashion show. In another, Delysia is seen changing clothes and wearing a fantastic six strap garter belt with seamed stockings. Unfortunately, I can't find any screenshots from this scene yet - but when the movie comes out on DVD I may do an update.

For now, here are a couple screenshots from the lingerie show:

If you're looking for a relatively light-hearted movie with great acting right now - I recommend going to see Miss Pettigrew. And for those with an interest in retro clothing and lingerie, Miss Pettigrew is a real treat.