Project Runway Finale: Part 2

To continue - the adorable Sweet P. herself appeared at Fashion Week in textured tights and showed an interesting (albeit slightly incoherent) collection filled with trouser socks, lace pantyhose (link is to similar thigh highs) and textured tights. See the whole thing here, below are highlights:

Rami was my least favorite of the Final 3.

Although he does amazing things with fabric, and I love the details that the judges were also wowed by, I thought his color choices were poor and I wish he'd chosen otherwise. Different colors would have made his collection shine the way it should have. See his whole collection here, highlights below:

And, finally, how could we not conclude with Mr. Fierce himself: Christian - the winner of Project Runway season 4.

I know that my love/hate relationship with Christian this season is echoed by Runway fans everywhere. On the one hand his overconfidence and arrogance could get annoying and a lot of his clothes were more artistic than wearable, but most of the time his pure talent made up for that. He showed his softer side in the season finale and I think a combination of that and the pure couture awesomness of his final collection won me over. In the end, Christian makes me smile and (if it couldn't be Jillian) I'm glad he won. See his whole collection here, highlights below:


David Dust said…
"Chicken Gown" = FIERCE!

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