Project Runway Finale: Part 1

Hi Everyone, I don't know about you but I was blown away by the Project Runway finale last night. The amount of detail that went into all of those collections was astounding. Though, admittedly I haven't agreed with the judges often this season, I felt that the final 3 deserved to be there. I wish Chris had been one of them, but that's another discussion.

My personal favorite was Jillian, I would wear pretty much anything she has made this season (including the twizzler dress :) and I hope that her clothes are somewhere (preferably affordable) in the near future. She also used awesome fishnet/patterned leggings, basic black tights and other cool legwear in her collection. Was it just me or were those leggings with the gold dress seamed up the back? I thought it was a really nice touch. You can see her entire collection here, but for now here are some highlights:

I was thrilled to find out that you could view not just the final 3, but the final 5's collections on Sweet P and Chris also showed at Fashion Week (to keep the final 3 a secret) and their collections are also very cool and interesting.

I loved Chris' dark gothic look, which to me also had a hint of the 1920's about it. I particularly liked the lace drop waist dress he showed as part of his top 3. He also used textured tights, and black pantyhose in his final collection. You can see his full collection here, but here are some highlights:

Because this is so image heavy and long I'm going to post the rest of the Final 5 in a separate post. Stay tuned!