StockinGirl at NY Fashion Week: Diesel Fall/Winter 08 Collection

Apologies for my not keeping completely up with the rest of fashion week, but we're pretty busy here this week getting ready for a trade show. However, I thought I'd post a brief update because a couple of us here at StockinGirl attended the Diesel show on Tuesday to see our legwear on the runway!

Walking into THE TENT was like walking into a Black Box Theater. The ceiling and the far end went into oblivion and everything was black. The lighting was non-direct and added to the effect of sparseness.

Diesel's theme appeared to be Fame and their music and setup reflected that in a really interesting way. Photographers were stationed at the end of the runway that the models come from - most with their flash constantly flickering (probably not really taking photos) and some taking photos sans-flash. The real press/paparazzi was at the other end in their box. The music remix contained several David Bowie songs (I recognized "Fame" and "Fashion" and at least one other I can't recall right now) as well as the song "Girls on Film" and a few others I couldn't immediately recognize or name. My foot was tapping the entire 13 minutes.

The collection was in shades of gray, white, black and light denim. They used our plain wool tights and our ribbed wool tights to accent many of the women's clothes and I spotted several with over the knee socks as well. I felt that overall the collection was very grunge and I'm not sure how I feel about the oversized jeans look. But I liked the rolled up jeans with tights or socks beneath - it felt very 1800's in a modern way - and there were some really interesting details as well like leather suspenders with metal circles connecting the pieces and a white t-shirt that was split halfway down the back.

But back to the legwear - here are some Getty Images shots from the show: