Leggings are Still in Fashion for Spring

What is new in legwear styles for Spring? Taking a look at the Spring 07 Runway shows, it is clear that leggings are still a trend and will continue to be fashionable. And really, what's not to love about leggings and footless tights? They're cute, comfortable, and with so many variations available, you can always find a pair to compliment your skirts and dresses.

Sheer Leggings are one trend I noticed that I think is new and interesting. Colored sheer leggings add a subtle hue to your legs, and look very cute with heels and flats. Sheer Colored Leggings were featured in the Baby Phat and Jean Paul Gaultier fashion shows:

Anna Sui used an interesting new concept, cut up solid and fishnet leggings. While I personally think the leggings are a little too gothic for my taste on their own, I loved her collection and think they complimented her intricate black, white, and red collection of embellished pieces very well. If you do decide you want to take your scissors to your fishnets, try these! These Lace Leggings also have a similar look.

Aside from these new concepts in leggings, solid colored leggings are still fashionable and chic, fashioned in the Michael Kors, Marni, and Sabyasachi runway shows:


look at my take on leggings for spring summer fashion:

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