Bold Legwear Ideas

Want to spice up your legs? Here are some unique ideas from Stockingirl, both ultra-cute with a jean mini:

I love printed leggings, and get so many compliments on them every time I wear them. I especially like their tattoo parlor print pictured, with it's heart, butterfly and swirl accents, very femine and fun. I also like the idea of wearing legwarmers stretched out, giving the sexy thigh look and footless leggings look at the same time. It reminds me of something Fergy from the Black Eyed Peas would wear. Worn higher up the thigh or with a longer skirt, they give the illusion of stylish leggings, without having to deal with a waistband!


Anonymous said…
I love legwarmers and hope to see more of those! I wear leggings a lot, but haven't tried printed ones. Thanks for the tip!
Anonymous said…
What a great blog, thanks for the fashion pics and discussion.