Can Seamed Stockings Make a Fashion Statement?

While I'm not much of a fan of stockings myself (although sexy, the whole business of wearing a garter belt and hooking things confuses me), I do like the look of seamed stockings. I agree with Agathe from Stylebytes that they can have an understated sexiness and a little bit of class paired with a knee length skirt and button up shirt. They also can be fun in the evening to spice up an outfit. I spotted this stylish girl in the subway with shiny pink black seamed stockings paired with a black mini and boots and thought it was really cute. I can say that everyone's eyes were glued to her legs, incuding mine. Whether it was good attention or bad attention, I think everyone at least appreciated her boldness!

You can buy this look, and other varieties of seamed stockings, at Stockingirl. Stockingirl has their "Marissa" seamed stocking in a variety of colors, including pink, turquoise, burgundy, nude, and black. Stockingirl also carries a wide variety of garter belts to hold up your stockings, my favorites being the ones that match their lingerie sets - so cute!

If you like the look, but you don't want to go the stocking route, Stockingirl also offers seamed thigh highs (stay up on their own) and seamed pantyhose.


Anonymous said…
Hi. I love your blog. I think that I'll have to start reading it on a regular basis.

I love this photo with the pink hosiery and seams. I think that seams and the colour really work well with the outfit. For quite some time, I've had trouble figuring out what kinds of outfits would work well with those colours. I'm a guy, and don't wear women's outfits, but I do think about those things.
Anonymous said…
Hey- way to go with the blog. I love it, and am even getting inspired to try out legwear.


Okay, seriously, it's actually pretty hot. Who knows? ;-)

Well done!!! Keep writing.
Anonymous said…
Have you ever seemed the seemed ballet tights (at dance stores)? Pretty cool, they're opaque white but with a backseam.
Like Ra said…
That look reminds me what Vicroria Beckham was wearing once: