The Amazing 80s: Leggings Reincarnated

We might have to thank fashion icon and recovering addict, Kate Moss for this one. Only thy fair lady could pull off the "you can freeze ice on my @$$" black legging workout wardrobe look and make it an international must-have-item. Now the look is EVERYWHERE!
even highlights the trend, quoting InStyle which has a feature celebrity report on who's wearing black leggings. Images of Scarlett Johannson, Kate Moss, Madonna, and Molly Sims on the site:
Back in the day—the eighties, that is—this little Lycra garment could be found on dance floors from New York to L.A. And along with gobs of black rubber bracelets, Madonna practically made it a uniform for the oh-so-hip gal when she appeared in Desperately Seeking Susan. Then, sadly, the trend passed and black leggings were thrown into fashion purgatory—the gym. They were comfortable, breathable, supportive and slimming—all the things the exercise-crazed women of the nineties wanted for working out. These days, however, they're back with a vengeance, and for all the same reasons. Plus, they're the perfect transitional element for those not quite ready to say goodbye to summer's short skirts and tunics. The biggeset irony? Madonna's even sporting them again, albeit with diamonds and designer duds. —Karen Johnston
How can you update your black legging look? StockinGirl has all of the most creative approaches highlighted below:
  1. Layering a very sheer tattoo or floral-print pantyhose under black leggings
  2. Hitting up Bendel's and getting a footless opaque print tight or hell, just chopping off the feet of your printed tights!
  3. Hitting up Bendels for footless legging print fishnets
Stay tuned for more ways to wear legwear trends!