Friday, April 28, 2006

Shorts with Tights - Love Them!

One of my favorite looks this season is tights, pantyhose, and leggings under shorts. Rachel at Fashiontribes agrees. I think they look cute with all lengths of shorts, but especially the shorter ones. It lets you wear those adorable little shorts that are so in style right now without showing so much skin and unsightly upper thigh-age. While Gwen Stefani has been sporting this look for quite some time, I think it's finally catching on.

WWD featured this look on the cover in April on a story about Heatherette. Striped tights or any opaque printed tights or sheer print pantyhose look super cute under denim. I like layering my pinstripe shorts with solid opaque tights or solid textured tights, like cable knits.

Leggings look fabulous under mini skirts, so why not under shorts? It works especially well for Spring when you want to stay cooler and and wear open toed sandals, while I think I'll go back to thick wool cables and boots under my shorts for Fall...I must like this shorts trend so much because I can show off my favorite legwear : )

Monday, April 24, 2006

Street Wear Around the Globe

The Finnish and the Japanese really know how to rock their legwear. Here are some of my favorite fashionistas from and Japanese

Prints with prints, how fun!:

Textured tights to finish the look:

Socks over tights are a way to bring the colors of your ensemble together and stay warmer!:

You can never go wrong with solid opaques:

These girls really love to layer their stripes! I personally like vertical stripes...more slimming:

Now these are some risk takers and I love it. Printed fishnets always exclaim your fashion fowardness, and I really hope that the "showing the garter straps" look comes back...I don't even know how many different layers the girl on the right has! All I have to say is go her!: