How to Wear Stockings

How to Wear Stockings

Stockings have many different functions; they can be worn for practical or playful reasons.  Here are a few ways you can wear stockings.  Stockings will always need a garter straps to keep them up, if you do not want to use lingerie with garter straps try opting for some thigh highs, those have silicone bands on the inside and will stay-up without any help.

Practical uses for Stockings

Some include but are not limited to business, elegant dinners, fancy parties, retro themed events and more. 
For these types of uses I would suggest practical garter belts, waist cinchers or lingerie dresses.  Here are a few different outfits below that all work for this practical use category.

-Business or dinner parties:  Choose a garter belt that has some shapewear properties this way it will not show under your clothing.  Shapewear will make the garment fit tightly but should not cause any bulging if properly sized.  

Nicola Pull On Stretch Elastic-Nylon 6 Strap Garter Belts

Then opt for some sheer stockings that will give your legs a hint of coloring.  You can choose between 100% nylon stockings that do not have any stretch or you can opt for some nylon/lycra blend stockings that will stretch nicely to your legs.
Trisha Ultra Sheer Reinforced Heel and Toe Nylon Stockings in Fashion Colors

-Retro themed events are becoming more popular and are a great way to pay tribute to the 1900's.  A great way to really shine at these parties is to get a pair of full fashioned stockings, ones that have a back seam and details just like from the 40's and 50's.   Our Gigi retro style stockings are a great item to wear to these parties, they come in a variety of colors and all feature a back seam, pyramid heel and contrastinc reinforced heel, toe and welt.

Gigi Vintage Retro Style Seamed Nylon Stockings