Friday, October 02, 2009

Halloween Costume Fun. Great legwear choices for your Halloween costumes

While we don't think your only choice for a Halloween outfit is limited to being a sexy Jack-O-Lantern or broom riding witch (nothing wrong with these choices, though we definitely can imagine it in a cool way) we do have a new bright tangerine orange color in our fishnets . We also have our fabulous Lauren thigh highs, also fishnets, but with an interesting texture twist, in tangerine.

Take a look through our new Halloween Hosiery section where you can find terrific legwear to accent your costumes including interesting textured tights, colored opaque tights, opaque thigh highs, colored tights and leggings, sparkle fishnets, opaque stockings, and vintage style stockings that require an excellent garter belt, everything you might need to have a great costume on Halloween!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

New organic cotton tights with stripes now available for fall

Embrace two sides of your personality with our new Holly tights. Be ultra chic while being environmentally friendly as well! Our Holly tights are made in Italy of brushed soft organic cotton with a touch of Lycra added. We've been waiting for these to arrive for a long time and they are finally here! These ultra fashionable jacquard vertical striped tights envelope a unique floral texture featured on the outside leg. We think the dual texture adds a fun and unique perspective to plain striped pantyhose.

Click here to read more about them!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Royal Blue Brushed Cotton Tights

Be admired for your fearless color style! Here's another pic of our new intensely bright royal blue color in our Diana brushed cotton tights. As I've said in the post below, these tights will keep your legs toasty warm, feels and looks like a sweater knit and looks like lush cashmere on your legs!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thick cashmere touch cotton tights in new fashion colors

Okay, so I posted about our Diana cotton/bamboo tights yesterday. But, and this is very last minute, we had such a great response to this product, we decided to make bright colors for fall as well, they will be in stock next week, but you can order them now. We had originally photographed our cotton/bamboo tights in red, but decided to keep it conservative and basic for this fall and did not introduce the bright colors we originally photographed. Now, due to demand for bright colors, we are going all out and making the original colors.

These cotton tights appear to be a medium weight cashmere/wool blend on the legs, .....the reality is that they are an Italian brushed cotton and bamboo blend, completely opaque, semi-fuzzy (is that a term?), ultra soft, ridiculously beautiful quality. They are eco-friendly cotton tights and they will last a very long time as you would expect from such a product (as long as you take care of them, no dryer on high heat).

You probably have not tried cotton tights with bamboo, but you should.

Now available in our cotton tights in bright colors. Click here for cotton tights in bright colors such as scarlet red, royal blue, forest green, navy blue. Click here for the same luxurious cotton tights but in more basic colors, black, espresso brown, charcoal grey, winter white (off white).

Monday, September 28, 2009

Stay warm and fashionable this winter, new colors in our warm cotton tights

So being from the Northeast, staying warm is pretty important to us as we sometimes feel that summer lasts for about a week and a half. That is a slight weather exaggeration, but not so much!

If you haven't tried our Diana cotton tights, which are new this fall, you definitely should! Super warm, not overly thick, and unbelievable quality. But if that isn't enough, let your fashion sense guide you as we have brand new colors available, forest green, a really pretty darker green, winter white and navy blue. That is in addition to our basic colors of midnight black, charcoal grey and espresso brown. Diana cotton tights are a unique combination of cotton yarn, bamboo yarn (don't let that scare you, bamboo is the new fiber everyone is using in everything from luxury sheets to clothing because it is eco-friendly, and it dyes extremely well with beautiful intense color, and it is ultra soft) It truly feels like the softest cotton tights you have ever experienced. Ultra rich in color, toasty warm and they will last for many years with the proper care. Click here for cotton tights info.