Thursday, September 10, 2009

StockinGirl on the Runway in NYC Fashion Week Again!

What an exciting week for us at StockinGirl. Rihanna in Vogue wearing our stockings, and now it's Fashion Week in NYC! We are very excited to be involved with a few designer fashion shows this season (I think we've done at least one show in Fashion Week in NYC for at least six years), but it's typically a crazy time in the office, getting our factories to quickly custom dye tights, stockings, thigh highs, knee highs and fishnets to match the outfits, but it's all worth it, especially when we get to go and see the finished product and how terrific they look on the runway. On Saturday we are going to the United Bamboo show, and we are getting tickets to a couple of shows in the Bryant Park Tents to see our things as well. We will definitely post pictures when available. Also, we'll be sure to take plenty of pics of fashionistas with creatively worn legwear outside of the tents.

Also, a famous Paris burlesque review Gentry de Paris starring the incomparible Dita von Teese will be featuring our exquisite colored seamed stockings in their show! If you happen to be in Paris (lucky you), be sure to go, and let us know exactly how fabulous it is. We'lll be very jealous of you though.

Above is another picture from Vogue with Rihanna wearing our sheer stockings.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Retro Returns! Vintage style stockings and lingerie are back.

Retro stockings and lingerie.... a great look returns! This month's W Magazine features lots of fabulous photos involving vintage 40's and 50's style garter belts, lingerie and sheer stockings. We think that the return to this look has something to do with AMC's critically acclaimed and stylishly savvy show Mad Men. While the program resonates dramatically and brims with authenticity, my heart does skip a beat when I see a pair of sheer stockings with a beautiful garter belt or girdle. Banana Republic recently did a whole men's collection based on the show, so we must not be the only ones who are influenced (influencing!?!) by this look. One of our other favorite shows is Hung, and we've noticed that a particular love "interest" of his is always wearing black stockings with a garter belt.

Our pure nylon bi-color stockings featured above can be found here. Our Gigi stockings are pictured in the nude/black color combination, no back seam, leg is nude, top is black, but we also have other color combinations such as pink leg, black 1940's seams and black retro style tops or yellow top, grey leg without seams. Click here for a blue top stocking with dramatic blue seam. We also have scarlet red stocking tops accenting black stockings. They are perfect reproductions of 1950's stockings, expertly crafted with a detailed welt (top). It's not easy to make stockings this perfectly transparent and beautiful. Today's modern manufacturing industry really doesn't want to spend the time making this type of stocking as it is a very slow, meticulous and expensive process. Knitting pure Nylon without Lycra is a very difficult and rare process to master but these stockings are knit to an extremely high level of quality. Finding a better stocking is unlikely. Incredibly ultra sheer fashion legwear with luxurious silky feel is the way hosiery was intended to be. We even make pure silk stockings identical to silk hosiery from the 1940's. Authentic hosiery is our passion.