Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nylon Anniversary and Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen looks sort of 80's punk with fishnets, bright pink and leather, see the proof over at Jezebel.

and Black was a running theme at Nylon's 10th Anniversary, photos at Jezebel.

Blue Thursday, candids for April 2nd

There is an unintentional running theme of the color blue in today's candids. Sometimes the blue is in legwear, other times not. Either way, enjoy and see below for some of my own blue suggestions.

The Clothes Horse in Argyle tights and dark navy blue.

Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style in blue tights, lace tights and sparkle leggings.

HYSTERICgirl in a fantastic blue dress paired with striped tights.

All this Happiness in dark blue with pink pantyhose and an adorable hat.

and from the Sartorialist:

Products from StockinGirl that are available in various shades of blue. Click the images for more details.






Thigh Highs:


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Day Left to Spring Stocking Sale

Just a reminder that our Spring Stocking Sale featuring our CSRHT stockings at 33% off will end at Midnight Wednesday night. Enter the code CSRHT into our search box to see all 19 color choices for this product.

and a quick note that we are featuring all of our fabulous legwear that is under $20 and perfect for Spring in a new Section.