Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poll Results: What You'll be Wearing This Spring

Our latest Poll results are in: We asked "What are you Looking Forward to For Spring?" and let you pick more than one choice. Here's what you said:

Tights ----- 69%
Leggings -- 13%
Knee Socks- 11%
Ankle Socks- 4%

Solid Colors - 15%
Prints ------ 13%

None -------- 1%


Last year around this time we asked you the same question with different responses.

Solid Tights and Leggings were in the lead with 43% and patterned Tights and Leggings followed with 39%. No one chose ankle or knee socks.

Now we want to know if you wear sparkle hosiery! Tell us in the poll and comments.

Monday, March 16, 2009

On the Edge of Spring

Before I get started with today's post, I just want to thank Stocking Vixen for picking up where I left off and discussing different ways to wear shorts with tights. Check out her post here, it has some great tips!

This past weekend I was outside a lot - off on a day trip and then hiking. It's still a tad too windy for me to break out my skirts, but I could definitely smell Spring in the air. In preparation for the official beginning of Spring, I've been trying to decide which knee socks I'll try out first.

My first choice, I think will be one of these great solid color knee socks. My only dilemma is what color to choose. Super super soft and available in 8 colors, these are only available in limited quantity. I'm currently leaning towards the rusted blue or green, which I think would go great with an ivory dress that I have.

I also love our Herringbone knee socks. Available in 4 basic colors, these knee socks are also currently on sale. You can buy one pair for $16, or THREE for $19.99!

An older sock that I already have and am looking forward to wearing again are our Ophelia footless socks. Perfect for layering with a colored ankle sock or a printed sock or tight, these are a great choice for warm days with a slight chill.

For my nights on the town, I'm thinking about these glitter knee socks. Black with gold lurex stripes, these socks are also a great deal at just $6.99 a pair.

Another great deal right now are our Argyle Knee Socks - great for these last few days of winter as we transition into Spring. Available in three color combinations - we currently have them at buy one for $10 or buy THREE for $20.

Finally, I want to bring up these great ankle socks, only available in limited quantity. These nylon socks are just $3.99 each and the perfect accent for Summer.