Friday, January 23, 2009

Retro Meets Modern with Help of Black Tights

[photo: The Sartorialist]

I love how at first glance, this look is very retro - hair, hat, coat... but then there are black tights instead of traditional hosiery and finally those bright buckle shoes that make it a touch modern.

What do you think?

The Clothes, the Hats the TIGHTS

Over at FabSugar they're talking about Cacharel reinventing itself and include some new looks - all of which feature bright tights. I think my favorites are 2 and 3. Pink and gray always look amazing together, and red and white is hard for me as a concept sometimes, but seeing it - the combination looks very classy. Take a Peek yourself - what do you think of these color combinations?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Liv Tyler Shows Us How to Wear Leggings

I love this outfit on Liv Tyler - a beautiful print dress and black leggings.


New Blogs to the List, Links and Why Not To Wear Old Tights

I'll be adding a few new blogs to the links on the right so I thought I'd introduce them briefly -

Daddy Likey drew me in with this funny story of why not to wear old tights.

Kingdom Of Style - want to know how to wear floral tights with style? See this blog. Also, not precisely legwear - but I'm kind of jealous of her Kermit the Frog pants.

Style Du Monde - is another great candids site.

Found this Blair Waldorf flickr photostream - tights are all over Gossip Girl!

Who What Wear
has some great tips and photos.

Argyle, Tights and Candids

Knee Socks and Pantyhose looks from Face Hunter:

Also, loving these great argyle tights over at HYSTERIC girl. They're similar to our Argyle Knee Socks and a great pattern for winter.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Buy One Get One Free - Select Printed Tights and Leggings

Select Printed Tights and Printed Leggings are now BUY ONE FOR $14 GET ONE FREE! Choose from a selection including ZigZags, Stripes, Leopard and more.

Tip: Find a legging print you like that we don't offer in tights right now? A fun way to wear leggings is to layer leggings with knee socks, knee high boots - or both. Make leggings look like tights and keep them winter friendly with layering!

Just a reminder - our remaining printed ankle and knee socks are going fast and are in very limited quantity - ankle socks are $4.99, knee socks are $6.99!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Malia and Sasha Obama Wearing Tights

Everyone else is talking about Michelle Obama's beautiful yellow dress, but while watching the inauguration this afternoon, I couldn't help but notice our new President's daughters Malia and Sasha looking absolutely adorable in bright colors and tights. The Cut posted a photo - take a peek by clicking the image above.

Valentine's Day - Small and Large Gift Bags

We are offering two jam packed gift bags full of fun and sexy ways to celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th.

The smaller gift bag is $59.99 and includes a small white candle in a red heart decorated holder, a small bottle of chocolate body frosting, a heart shaped lollipop, a garter belt (choose between three different ones) and a pair of stockings.

Larger gift bag is $149.99 and includes a large pink rose scented candle, a package of beautiful red rose petals, the LovRub gift set with his and hers gels and 14 chocolates in a heart box, a heart shaped lollipop, a pair of thigh highs, and a full lingerie set including either bra, thong and skirt or a pink satin mini-dress.

Tell us what you think of this gift bags in the comments!

LegWear Party - Seen on The F-Word Blog

I recently discovered that we were linked to via The F-Word (F as in Fashion) and while searching that blog, I found something pretty cool. The writer of the blog themed her Wine and Cheese party as a LegWear Party (see post here) as well - all kinds of legwear were worn (with the exception of leggings) and it looks like they had a lot of fun dressing up!

A great fun idea, this can be modified to suit your own personal tastes. Maybe you don't have a wine and cheese parties but you do have a poker night, or a book club night.

Use the comments to talk about the concept of a legwear party and how you would pull it off -and what you would wear!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Valentine's Day - JimmyJane Blindfold

We have a very limited selection of JimmyJane suede and silk blindfolds - available in pink/pink and black/gray for $49 - just in time for Valentine's Day.

Super soft suede mask features an embroidered heart on one side - and an embroidered "Z" on the other - a subtle way to show your mood. Over 3 yards of beautiful silk can be used to tie the mask on or can be used in other creative ways as suede mask is removeable from silk.

Quick Candid

Found this shot over at The Sartorialist's blog. I've never been a fan of yellow, but I really love how this outfit works together in shades of tan and yellow - including the quirky striped tights.