Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Candids and a Legwear Idea, 3.30.09

Kingdom of Style's Queen Michelle focuses on legwear.

She says "It's no secret my love of leg decoration. If it's coloured, studded, floral or patterned I'm all over it like the proverbial rash. That's not to say the humble pair of black tights doesn't still occupy a valuable space in my wardrobe, especially if they are my studded Bebaroque ones. That said, when an outfit does call for completely plain, dark tights I usually chose dark blue instead of black."

and connects me to a new (to me) blog about tights: Too Many Tights!

and gives me a new idea for layering...

StockinGirl has these unique lace leggings... that would look great paired with colorful tights or even another pair of colorful leggings. The leggings are also great on their own - and perfect for Spring weather.

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Lea said...

I love those tights, I think I might go try to cut mine up, but that always goes wrong...