Friday, December 19, 2008

Candids: Layers and Texture

From Face Hunter:

What do you think of this look - layered black tights with ivory argyle knee socks?

Like this look? Take a look at our selection of tights and our own argyle knee socks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Goodbye Bettie

Bettie Page, legendary pin-up icon, died at age 85 on December 11, 008.

Official Website

LA Times

NY Times


Goodbye, Bettie.

Fishnets and Tights at the D&G Opening

Caught these two on Jezebel, click over to their post for full images!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quoted: The Clothes Horse

Love this quote from The Clothes Horse blog:

"Winter really offers the oppurtunity to express your whismy on your legs and your head. Layered and unique stockings transform limbs into quirky storybook characters with personalities all their own."

Read her full post and see her fancy tights here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Advice - Stockings for the Tall with Thin Legs

I received a great question over the weekend:

"I am 5'7 with very long, skinny legs. Most stockings only come to the middle of my thigh, and my garter belt cannot reach them. Since I have skinny legs, I cannot buy the large size stockings because they bag and don't stick to my legs well. What kind of stockings can I wear? "

I have a few suggestions. First, one thing you should know is that most, but not all, pairs of 100% Nylon stockings need to fit perfectly or they will bag because there is no stretch to them. This can cause problems because they don't always fit every body type.

My first solution is to buy stretch stockings. Stretch stockings are made with nylon and lycra so they will cling to almost any leg without bagging. While not 100% Nylon, these are still great stockings to wear and they also breathe easier than 100% Nylon.

Sheer Stretch Stockings

Lace Top Stockings

Opaque Stockings

Sheer Seamed Stockings
- even though these are 100% nylon, they are stretch stockings. These are the exception to the rule.

Another solution, for the tall woman who wrote us and those like her, are our Divine Divas stockings. These stockings are specifically made for taller women and are available in seamed and unseamed.

I hope that this has answered your question, please let me know if there are more questions concerning this topic in the comments.