Thursday, July 03, 2008

AOL members want Nylon Stockings Back

By complete accident I ran across a great collection of 30 Things You Wish Could Make a Comeback on this morning. Amongst things to be expected in 2008 like cheap gas and old fashioned MTV (you know, when they actually showed music videos 24/7) we were delighted to see that nylon stockings made the list.

Now, we at StockinGirl already know that nylon stockings are back and have been for a while. So with one of those 30 items checked off - which should comeback next? My favorites from the list are rotary phones, drive-in movie theaters, coke in glass bottles, CBS Radio Mystery Theater, and big wheels.

See all 30 items here.

Featured: on Trend de la Creme

We had a pleasant surprise this morning when reading the usual fashion blogs- our Isabel Wool Tights can be seen on the fabulous Trend de la Creme blog amongst other creative, beautiful tights.

Though the idea of wearing wool tights right now makes me sweat, I do love the idea of sheer printed thigh highs to add just a little something special to my summer outfits. I found this great example on Face Hunter:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Over the Knee Socks - All over Glastonbury! has a great slide show of looks from the Glastonbury music festival and I noticed a lot of over the knee socks! Take a look below and then see all the looks here.

Do you wear over the knee socks? Do you layer them with tights like above? Tell us how you wear socks in the comments!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Candid: from Just Glitter Lust

Though I'm not sure about the over-sized t-shirt and bike shorts, I love the bright tights combined with fantastic shoes. A perfect example of how open-toed shoes can work with tights. Image from: Just Glitter Lust. I'd wear them with a simple black dress.