Thursday, December 21, 2006

Leg Warmer Craze!

While leg warmers were arguably one of the worst fashion disasters from the 80's, I think their come back with today's fashions is a little more graceful. I've seen girls wear them under their heel with flats and a skirt, layered with tights, under boots, over high heeled shoes, scrunched, stretched out, and all over the leg. It really depends on the outfit, but they can make a really cute touch! Here are some good ideas and where to buy!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Over the Knee Socks, Get Them While They're Hot!

Over the knee socks are super cute, fashionable, and fun. The trend started with the ribbed prada sock, which has taken on many variations. Here are some cute new styles from Stockingirl, including a ribbed gold glitter sock, a herringbone patterned over the knee sock, and a prada-esque ribbed thigh-high sock. The photos give you some great ideas for how to wear them with todays current fashions.